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By taking a giant leap in shaping up a digital framework, led by new-age technology, India’s economy has witnessed a paradigm shift. From surpassing estimates of multilateral bodies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the country is likely to see a healthy GDP growth of over 8 per cent for FY24.

Besides, the IMF as well as various rating agencies have set revised growth estimates for India, indicating a higher consumption fuelling more manufacturing in the country.

In the midst of this unprecedented growth, Republic Media Network’s sixth news brand ‘Republic Business’, launched at the ‘India Economic Summit’ in New Delhi in December 2023, aims to be a medium reflecting the country’s inspiring growth story and the world of business news.

As the new India, spearheaded by lakhs of startups in sunrise sectors, marches ahead to feature among the top three economies by 2030, an unwavering commitment of young business journalists at Republic Business is a pledge to be storytellers who vow to promote sustainability, financial inclusion and delivering news from capital markets and corporate world, as it happens.

India now has over 100 unicorns and the entrepreneurial landscape was never more vibrant than now.

During its G20 Presidency in 2023, India achieved the unthinkable by facilitating a consensus at the United Nations (UN) on the Russia-Ukraine issue.

The country’s bullish stance on ramping up its exports to narrow down the fiscal deficit, benefitted by its friendly bilateral trade ties and trade agreements, has aided in achieving the much-needed inflection point in the supply chain.

The team of talented business journalists at Republic Business, bring to the table the zest of keeping a hawk’s eye on opening up of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and key mergers & acquisitions (M&A’s) not just domestically but across the globe.

As businesses get disrupted, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes the buzzword, we at Republic Business will bring you the top news as it happens, in real time. It is the same for the Indian journey with Electric Vehicles. As India is poised to convert 50 per cent of its fleet to EVs by 2030, we follow the transformation up and close.

Republic Business also has on its radar, every fluid development, ranging from the likes of Tesla’s proposed EV manufacturing plans in India to the continuing focus of private stakeholders as well as the government to propel semiconductor chip making in the country.

The core philosophy of Republic Business’ editorial outlook that youth are the key growth drivers of India is bolstered by the country’s youthfulness. As it is said that a media outlet, especially one tracking the world of business and economy, has to be broad-based, it also becomes imperative to bring to you our readers, a daily dose of news, views, and analysis which is merit-based.

Be it the interactive engagement with readers on our social media platforms or a constant reach out to television audiences with the most relevant business and economic news, Republic Business will ensure to deliver in letter and spirit what we feel is a vision and mission, drawn by our firm valour that it is also time in India’s business and economic news to keep the naysayers and cynics at bay.

As a journalistic thumb rule, the team at Republic Business is open to ideas, even from unexpected quarters as we have our eyes and ears glued to the ground. Every now and then we will speak to newsmakers, often creators of a great legacy who have been shaped by some of India’s iconic business houses.

Dear believers of Republic Business, let us together celebrate India's buzzing with achievements in tech, automobile, aviation, and fintech. Let us also reflect on the economic prosperity of Bharat and the unsung heroes, who make India a thriving global economic powerhouse.